Exceeding Expectations

We aim to ensure that where you live, is as individual as you are and exceeds your expectations.  There are differences that we try to build in to our houses, to ensure they become exceptional homes

For your security – we included CCTV on the development and we will ensure that is widely advertised  to deter any unwelcome intruders.

Our properties are sold on a leasehold basis which could cause some concern. However, our homes have a peppercorn ground rent of between £5 - £10 per year, which is linked to a 999 year old lease.  This gives you reassurance that ground rent costs will not increase dramatically over the years.  The terms of the lease will aim to ensure that homes are managed and controlled to the benefit of all customers.

We do not charge a huge transfer fee if you sell your home, or if at any time the home needs to be transferred into the ownership of someone else in your family.

Our homes are carefully constructed to ensure that they are energy efficient, with many features such as solar panels or similar.  Our homes have a two-year builder guarantee and a 10 years build warranty.

Service Charges

A basic level of service charge will cover things such:

  • Club House – which will provide a venue to enable social activities and other support services
  • Lifestyle Co-ordinator at set hours
  • Virtual concierge
  • Window cleaning
  • Buildings insurance cover on apartments, houses, bungalows, dormer bungalows
  • Gardening services on some apartment types
  • On apartments only, cleaning of any communal areas and maintenance
  • Any public open space
  • CCTV provision and support for the development

There is an a la carte, pay as you go approach for all other services and activities that you may want or require.  This means service charge costs are kept at a minimum.


We think very carefully about our locations to ensure that a wide range of amenities are close by for residents to enjoy. This means you get the best facilities close to hand, without the cost impacting on your community charge. That way you only pay for what you really want to do and enjoy.

There are lots of advantages to buying a brand new home. The obvious benefit is that everything is brand new, perfect for you to make your own mark and with our Lifestyle Options you really do have a “blank canvas”. Style your home to make your own statement and so that it works perfectly for you. Our homes are easily adaptable for tomorrow’s needs.

The Benefits Of Buying Off Plan

  • Customise your property to make your home as individual as you are.

  • Benefit from early release prices.

  • Have plenty of time to sell your current home, leading to a less stressful move.

  • Choose the right home for you from a good selection of properties.

  • We offer an assisted purchasing plan, that helps to get your existing home sold and enables you to choose your plot, so you have reassurance of knowing that the home you want is secured.

  • We also can provide options to part exchange your home, but we will always try to get your home sold first so you are able to realise the full open market value of your existing property.