We have some egg’citing news!

Here at Waterton Green we’re more than a little excited about some recent news from our resident Marlene. In fact, you could say we have got our feathers all ruffled. The reason? Well, one of the local ducks that enjoy visiting us all here at Waterton Green has taken to our new community so much she has nested in Marlene’s garden.

When Marlene first moved in to her brand new bungalow at Waterton Green, she was hoping to make new friends and find new things to do. Relocating when your family is young is hard work but with work colleagues and family connections you easily make friends. When you are older and live alone it can harder and can be more difficult to settle. Not only has Marlene made friends with her neighbours, she has also become guardian to the friendly Mallard also calling Waterton Green home, and of course the newest edition to the development, Daisy the Ducks brand new chick!

Marlene was totally delighted when the Duck from the nearby Waterton Park Hotel and Spa, chose her garden to roost and she has watched and fed the Mallard, in her plight to deliver her duckling.  Whilst eating breakfast one morning, Marlene heard a commotion, as a thieving magpie stole two of the eggs and frightened away the Mallard.

Marlene was horrified when she was left with a poor baby duckling waddling around, desperate for his mother. After a few hours the Mallard did return, much to the relief of the duckling. Daisy the Duck has returned to her roost and is keeping a close eye on her energetic Duckling with a little help from Marlene.

Keen to help her new lodgers out, Marlene has laid out a few nibbles and a well-deserved drink of water for the new Mum and her chick. And, rumour has it our Sales and Marketing Director Moya is on the hunt for a little paddling pool for our new resident and her little chicks to relax in.

What’s more, as Marlene has just recently put the finishing touches to her garden, she has the ideal space to share it with her feathered friends. Not least as Marlene was looking for a garden that is easy to manage and maintain, and so after considering the many options LIFEstyle by ENGIE offers, Marleen decided to go for astro turf, something both Daisy the Duck and her chick seem to more than approve of.

Don’t quite believe the news? Then take a look at these pictures captured in Marlene’s garden earlier this week.