At LIFEstyle by ENGIE, we are passionate advocates of being “positive about ageing”. We believe in right-sizing; finding a home that is manageable in size for you, future proof and set in a community that offers various opportunities to socialise. We want to provide the catalyst to you having new adventures, friendships and security in the years to come.  

Part of our ethos is to incorporate our customers into the local community. We place emphasis on encouraging inter-generational relationships, which is linked to improved physical, mental and emotional health, as well as increasing self-worth and self-esteem for both parties. Ageing adults are living longer, healthier lives these days, making interaction among generations more important than ever. Various studies have been conducted looking at inter-generational relationships, and finding that they have endless positive outcomes for all those involved.

We encourage this with a range of events and activities hosted on our developments, the first of which being at our Waterton Green site. The Christmas ‘Meet your neighbour’ event at Waterton Green saw 19 year old David Jones volunteering to bring along his piano and play Christmas carols for our community, with plenty of singing, delicious food and lots of prosecco to accompany the entertainment. As well as playing piano for the event, David enjoyed spending time chatting to members of our community.

We want to challenge the various stereotypes older and younger people may have of each other. Through these events and activities we encourage younger people to see older generations as individuals who are fun, interesting and adventurous - and older people to see the younger generation as caring, knowledgeable and resilient. Afternoons like this also allow us to introduce our community to each other, and help them on their way to becoming friends rather than just neighbours.

As we launch more developments, we want to engage with local school and colleges to encourage inter-generational socialisation, exposing each generation to the common interests and understandings they might not have realised they had.

Going forward, we hope to build on our relationships with local schools and colleges by launching a competition for students to have the chance to design a sculpture, with the winner having their work displayed on the grounds of one of our new developments. We hope that by establishing these links it will encourage our customers to go out and engage with the local community outside of the development, as well as those in it.

At LIFEstyle by ENGIE it’s not about just building homes, but about developing a community spirit where people can have new adventures, friendships and security later in life.