Our first customers moved in to their brand new homes at Waterton Green, Wakefield, Walton just before Christmas and the Lifestyle team hosted a Meet your Neighbour event in the show home

Customers who had just moved in could meet their new neighbours from the Grove, their neighbouring street, as well as those due to move in to Waterton Green shortly. 

The team cooked mince pies, home-made sausage rolls, chocolate cake and canapes in the show home kitchen and offered plenty of festive spirits.   Our Sales and Marketing Director Moya Jones, iced a Christmas cake and demonstrated how to make a festive snow man in icing sugar.  A raffle was also drawn to win the Christmas cake.

David Jones, aged 19 years, who was a student at Silcoates School in Wakefield and just back from his first term at university volunteered to bring along his piano and play Christmas carols for customers, there was even a sing along.  As well as playing piano for the event, David enjoyed spending time chatting to customers and found that one customer had previously taught at his old school.

It was great to introduce customers who had just moved in to their brand new homes to neighbours who live both locally and those who are due to move in shortly, as their homes are built.  The objective was to break the ice, not just building houses but developing a community spirit where people seemed genuinely happy to meet each other. 

Moya Jones, commented that she is certain that neighbours will soon become friends and the adventure will begin.

At Lifestyle by ENGIE, we are passionate advocates of “positive about aging”.   We believe that having a right sized home that is future proof and set in a community that offers various opportunities to socialise; can provide the catalyst to having new adventures, friendships and security in retirement.