Name: Lucy Hiley

Age: 27

Job role: General Foreman, Waterton Green

From: Leeds

How long have you worked in the sector? And how did you get into it?

I’ve worked within the construction side of LIFEstyle by ENGIE for around four and half years, and actually stumbled into the role by chance. A friend recommended the company and that there was an admin position available, and it’s from there that I made my transition across to the construction side of things – I quickly worked my way up through the ranks internally and my manager saw my potential and desire to move across to a more hands-on side of the business, so it was the perfect transition.

Was it a career you’ve always wanted to do/ been interested in?

I’ve always had an interest in construction and building. It runs in the family, and seeing my brother do well as a quantity surveyor really peaked my interest, so I went on to study construction in college and university.

What’s it like to work at ENGIE?

Working at ENGIE is fantastic, I couldn’t ask for a better working environment. Every single day is different, and so the job is never boring – one day I’ll be really hands-on on site, and the next I’m helping to liaise with customers and ensure their needs are met.

My latest role on the Waterton Green site has meant I’ve been able to experience completely different aspects of the job, particularly when it comes to the sales side of things. I love a new challenge and an opportunity to expand my knowledge, so it’s been a fantastic learning curve.

I like to imagine I’m building and working for my own mum or grandma, and so it’s really enjoyable to see happy customers.

What opportunities have you had due to working at ENGIE?

I’ve really been pushed and supported throughout my career at ENGIE, which has meant I’m now in the field that I’ve always wanted to be in. The care that ENGIE give to their staff is great, and really hands-on. When I first started out, I was lucky enough to be a part of a training group for just 11 people which helped us make the next step up in our careers – it was six months of hard work, but definitely worth it. We still have quarterly reviews to help us with our progress too.

Have you seen the number of women in the sector grow since you started?

At the moment, women are still few and far between within the construction industry, but I definitely think it’s improving - particularly in terms of those in architectural, surveying and managerial positions.

I’ve also had the exciting opportunity to take part in school visits at local primary schools, and careers fairs at local secondary schools. It’s been really encouraging to see so many young girls show interest and enthusiasm in the construction industry.

Future ambitions for yourself or women in the sector?

Personally, my ambition is to work my way up to being a Contracts Manager within ENGIE – if not higher! And then my dream is to eventually go into property development myself.

I’d love to see more women in the industry in general, particularly in higher managerial positions. It’s important to show women that the construction industry is not just muddy boots and men, and we can make a career of it too. I’ve recently been asked to become an ambassador at the Leeds College of Building, and will be delivering talks twice a month, so I hope I can act as a role-model and success story for young girls wanting to follow in the same career path.