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Make Your Own Wreath This Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches, festive decorations are beginning to appear. The wreath on your front door is one of the most common and stylish Christmas decorations, that shows how festive you’re feeling! This year we’ve all found ourselves at home a little more than planned, making us all get a little creative and crafty with our decorations. We have seen beautiful Christmas wreaths popping up all over Walton and they are a lot easier to make than anticipated! Find our top tips below for creating your own wreath this festive season. We hope to see plenty of homemade Christmas wreaths on LIFEstyle by ENGIE doors around our Waterton Green development.


What you’ll need

To start your festive creation, you’ll need wire shaped into a circle or a wreath ring as your base. You’ll need twine or some sort of garden wire which will be used to pull secure your foliage and decorations. Next, you’ll need greenery of some sort we recommend ivy, conifers and of course spruce. Finally, any decorative bits that you want to see on your custom-made wreath. We personally like the look of dried fruit, berries and pine cones for a nice natural look but feel free to add baubles or tinsel!



How to make it

First, you’ll need to shape your wire into a perfect circle – of whatever size you’d prefer. Then take whichever foliage that you’ve chosen and begin carefully wrapping it around the wire with leaves facing outwards. Using your twine secure the bits of foliage in place all around the wreath. Ensure that the leaves are covering the twine.

Finally, add your festive decorations into the wreath by sticking the pine cones, berries, dried fruit/flowers etc. by tucking bits under the twine. Making sure that the twine remains covered.

You can find the bits and bobs online from Hobby Craft and Dunelm or you can support local and purchase a wreath making kit from Walton florist.



Door décor

Next step is where to place your festive creation! Doors and in particular the front door are a common spot for a wreath but we’ve also seen some lovely festive décor recently that uses wreaths indoors as well.

Share with us!

If you’ve created a Christmas wreath from scratch, we’d love to see it. Share a pic with us on our Facebook or email your pictures to Julie for us to share in our newsletter!